About us

“He who has a why can cope with any how” F.W. Nietzsche

It is impossible for any company not to move. Either one chooses to move deliberately either external factors gets you moving. Regardless the origin of the dynamics your organisation will develop.

Our name contains exactly what we do: we work with all matters evolving in and around your company and we help professionalise the employees. Evolving Matters works from the "policy triple": decision makers (DM), employee participation (EP), Human Resources (HR) and as a fourth pillar the staff:

With our services we aim to guide and support all the stakeholders in future or desired developments and on the impact of that on the company. We do so in all possible faces of the change, from the drawing board until the implementation and evaluation.

You will find several cases and services on this website. Please do read through the site to get a good impression of the possibilities we have the offer. Needless to say is that all our services are custom made and we design our services specifically toward your company (unit) and your objectives. We don't believe in a "one size fits all" solutions for every organisation is unique in its own way.

If you have a question regarding the possibilities of our services or if you wish to receive more information we would like to invite you to contact us.


How we work

We are a networking organisation and we collaborate from various fields. In order to do so we already contain several skills and knowledge within Evolving Matters. To name a few:

  • employee and workers council trainings
  • process advisory for change management
  • process advisory for culture management
  • advisory at organisational (re)structuring
  • advisory and support with internal and/or external communication

Next to this we are proud to have built up a substantial network of experts throughout the many years. Depending on the case these skills are put to use to help your company grow further. Our fundamental believe is that only when the right specialist is assigned to the task the aimed objectives will be met.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to debate on your developments. In the situation your case deserves more attention we will make an appointment to take the time to cover your case. We will go into the depth of the matter and your wishes concerning this matter. This appointment is of course free of charge.