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Are you ready for the next chapter as a start-up, scale-up or as an established company? Whichever phase your company is in, Evolving Matters can make the difference at the next step. At the right next step! We do this by using our extensive network, our expertise and by solving financial issues.

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Who can we support?

We support a wide range of organisations to take the step to the next phase. Think of start-ups and scale-ups where growth ambitions are a driving force, or established companies where a need from the market leads to the next phase. To take the right steps and to take faster steps, external expertise is required. Our experts are part of a network of experts, which amalgamates hundreds of experiences. There are surprisingly many parallels between organisations. You can benefit from this! We will gladly work with you to make it happen. In addition to support/advice, this can also mean active share ownership or a management buy-in (MBI).



Evolving Matters has a broad network of entrepreneurs. All parties that can contribute to the growth of your company. Linking the right people together provides the magic that is needed to realise ambitions.



Every man to his trade. It sounds very simple, and it is. We ensure that you can continue to carry out your role as an entrepreneur and we will address the substantive issues. Tailor-made, to suit your company and your case. And therefore, the right experts from our network.



With you, we will look at what steps are needed in order to grow. We provide guidance for the entire process, and support during network conversations, for example. If relevant, we discuss active ownership or a management buy-in (MBI). We always ensure you are ‘in control’ and can make informed decisions.


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We are committed to good customer contact and will be happy to help you!