Employee participation Training


Employee participation

Development and growth as a works council

You have learned your specialism in school or developed it in practice. Within a works council, other skills may be expected of you. Our training courses are aimed at acquiring the right skills, competences and knowledge. Especially for works councils, practically applicable. Questions or special requests?

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Our training courses

Works Councils Act (WOR in Dutch)

This training course focusses on the factual and applicable knowledge of this law. And most importantly, the practical implementation. It is your chance to use the law to achieve bigger goals.

Political-strategic handling of requests for advice and approval

Reinforce your political-administrative antenna! Practically applied in the field of requests for advice and approval.

Effective communication with employees

In this training course you will learn how to better reach your employees and how to involve them in the participation of the organisation.

Communication and negotiation skills

Negotiating is not about winning, it is about creating win/win situations. By developing these skills, you will learn to work together on a successful negotiation result.

(Re)structuring Employee Participation / Works Council

You will have so many questions during the (re)structuring process. From rights and obligations, from which structures fit the organisation and the time, to informing the employees. Don’t forget anything and make a good (re)start.

Expertise on subjects such as HSE, Finance, Pensions, Labour Laws, etc.

Whichever specialist knowledge is needed to give your works council the right input, ask us!

Team building

Works council work is teamwork. But how do you cope with this in combination with the demands of daily work? Together we will work on the dynamics in the group!

Strategic consultation with management and HR

Do you want to be stronger as a strategic consultee towards management and HR? Skills and practical situations are central to this training.

Management of the works council

This training is designed for daily management, chairmen and secretaries. You will learn the most important skills of leadership and project-based work. A must!

Group processes and dynamics

Learn how you can operate effectively and powerfully as a group, how processes work and how to influence them!



Solution and practice-oriented results

We advise works councils on matters you don’t deal with on a daily basis. For example; mergers, takeovers, reorganisations, sale of business units and works council elections. Always focussed on your own situation: practical and solution-oriented.


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Assisting with the implementation in practice

Coaching plays a very important role in the process from ‘good to better’. Reflection and feedback enable larger developments. Focus on the triangle of skills, ambition and content will actually bring about sustainable change.

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