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Taking steps with the goal in mind

Managing change requires a lot of time, effort and the right skills. You often only have one chance to get it right. Our training courses ensure that you master the necessary skills, tailored to your situation. Your goal becomes our goal. Together we create the space to develop and apply it in practice.

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Our training courses

Our training courses are goal- and practice-oriented. Tailor-made to your organisation’s needs. To give you an idea of the possibilities:

Steering in the same direction

You know that getting and keeping all management members on the same wavelength is crucial. How do you do that? Especially if you are part of the team yourself. What interests play a role and what options do you have?

Making optimum use of the playing field

Several parties are involved in changes. These can be departments within your organisation, often also third parties, but certainly the works council. How do you deal with the entire playing field?

Communicating more effectively

As a team, you will achieve the greatest effect by communicating better with each other. You will learn this from your own practical situation. More convincing and more powerful. A win for everyone individually and for the team as a whole.



How to deal with the works council?

Have new plans been mapped out? If so, this must be submitted to the works council. Evolving Matters offers all the tools and guidance to handle this successfully.

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Making changes by a flexible joint thought process

No predetermined plan, no blueprint to make a change successful. Tailor-made, human work. Listening, asking, a joint thought process and developing a vision together. It is only through this flexibility that we succeed in implementing changes at management level.

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