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Employee participation

Together from good to better

In addition to training and advice, we also offer extra guidance in practice. Coaching plays a very important role in the process from ‘good to better’. Reflection and feedback make larger developments possible. We will determine the coaching process in consultation with you. This can be done both individually and for the group, on-the-job and during various works council meetings. In this way, we are really aiming for sustainable change.

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How can we support you?

The coaching programmes are fully customised. What do you need, what are you up against? With our many years of experience and extensive network, we can guide you through a tangible case or question. A few examples:

Coaching in creating a vision on the employee participation structure

Developing an employee participation structure is not easy. What is the culture, what changes has your organisation undergone or what plans have been made? All of this affects your vision of the employee participation structure. We will provide practical assistance to stay focussed in this respect.

Coaching of a chairman on management without influences of authority

A true chairman is the chairman who gives direction without influences of authority. Seems easy, but it often creates unnoticed effects on the board. We help you in practice to coach you and to know which pitfalls to watch out for.

Coaching individual members about their own style of communication and persuasion

We also offer specialist training courses in this area. In order to achieve even more depth in this area, individual coaching in practice is worth its weight in gold. In this way, you can really achieve the style that naturally suits you best.



Solution and practice-oriented results

We advise works councils on matters you don’t deal with on a daily basis. For example; mergers, takeovers, reorganisations, sale of business units and works council elections. Always focussed on your own situation: practical and solution-oriented.


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Increasing knowledge and skills

We provide practice-oriented training for works councils. Training on pure knowledge (think of the Works Councils Act, WOR in Dutch) and skills (for example, how to be in a stronger position when entering into negotiations?). The most common training courses are listed here. Do you have a specific question? Please let us know.

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