Employee participation


Employee participation

Practical advice and training

We understand better than anyone how important the role of the works council is and how hard the work can be for its members. It often requires a different level of expertise than is usual in the main job role. We strengthen works councils where possible and where necessary by means of specialist training, practical advice and coaching.


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Who can we support?

In practice, we support works councils that agree with our principles of the contemporary ways of employee participation (or those who want to implement these). Not working on the basis of contradictions, not ‘because the law says so’ and certainly not according to ‘one’s own interests above others’. But because the law is a great way to achieve bigger goals and because the works council can bring together different interests (win-win situation) and achieve tangible results, which they can make visible. A competent works council is important for healthy business operations. Together we will go from good to better!



Increasing knowledge
and skills

We provide practice-oriented training for works councils. Training on pure knowledge (think of the Works Councils Act, WOR in Dutch) and skills (for example, how to be in a stronger position when entering into negotiations?). The most common training courses are listed here. Do you have a specific question? Please let us know.

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Some of our training courses

  • Works Councils Act (WOR)
  • Political-strategic handling of advice/consent requests
  • Effective communication with employees
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • (Re)structuring employee participation/works Council


Solution and practice-oriented results

We advise works councils on matters you don’t deal with on a daily basis. For example; mergers, takeovers, reorganisations, sale of business units and works council elections. Always focussed on your own situation: practical and solution-oriented.


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Assisting with the implementation in practice

Coaching plays a very important role in the process from ‘good to better’. Reflection and feedback enable larger developments. Focus on the triangle of skills, ambition and content will actually bring about sustainable change.


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