We advise the crucial actors involved in creating, changing and implementing of company policies. We do this practical, pragmatically and result driven.

To give examples of our extensive experiences and with which we can provide services for:


Per stakeholder:


Human resources (HR)

Works Councils (WoCo)

(Re)designing the organisation

Culture management

Requests for Advise or Consent, on content or strategy and procedures

Change management, creating a joint vision and roadmaps to get there

Implementing new (parts of) personnel policies

Stakeholder management, such as other WoCo’s, European Forums, Supervisory Board, Trade Unions, etc.

Cooperating with the WoCo: processes, procedural and on the content

Learning and Development, policy making and/or implementing

Professionalising the WoCo, working toward a proactive and result driven council with measurable added value

Stakeholder management, strategically acting in the field

Acting in between operational management and WoCo

WoCo elections

Internal communication

Setup or modernizing WoCo and other personnel participation

Political and strategical approach of developments