Training en coaching

We are the specialists in training and coaching and we rely on many years of experience. Our expertise are Works Council and personnel trainings. The spectrum of services provided are as diverse from the Dutch Workers Council Act to the skill trainings until working on team processes.

Besides the broad knowledge and skills that we contain within Evolving Matters we have a wide network of professionals and therefore cover all possible development needs.

Our trainings are triple layered: Knowledge, Skills and Ability and the process is safeguarded by coaching to direct and adjust:





Developing factual and applicable knowledge

Dutch Workers Council Act, Labour Law and other laws and regulations


Empowering to put the knowledge to use in practice

Communication-, meeting- and negotiation skills; sales; commerciality; hospitality; debating skills


The accumulation of the knowledge and skills in day to day work

Team processes; strategically and politically influencing; designing procedural workflows; working on effective teams


Analysis and improvement on the job

Self and socially awareness acting; reflecting and feedback