EvMa Investment

Evolving Matters Investment supports small and midsize organisations to take the next step. Whether this ambition originates from growth aspirations or necessity due to market circumstances, we will help you to work from good to better.

We can support you by putting our extensive network, our many years of expertise and finance to work. Next to this we can assist you in the orientation for collaborative partners and advise you prior to and during meetings with possible candidates.


Sales is a very crucial element of doing business. Because eventually this will create revenue and therefore your means for existence.

To be very clear: what we don't do is relieve you from sales and execute this for you. In our believe this will only make you dependant of others and with that becoming a solution for the short term at best.

A few examples of what we do:

Learning and Development

Your company is as professional as your employees are. A thorough education policy is crucial. This will on one hand safeguard the quality of your services and enables continues improvement process. On the other hand training and educating employees is a strong way to keep them committed and motivated for your organisation.

We are specialised in making and helping you to make a learning and development policy, to deploy this policy in practice and coordinating the execution.

Interim management

We can be of service when you need an interim manager for a specific period or a specific project. Our specialist are experts on Learning and Development, Change Management and Culture Management. And in our extensive network we have many more specialist available.

EvMa Works Councils

We would like to give special attention to the Works Councils (WoCo) for they have a unique role and task in organisations. When we continue the analogy of the company being a micro society we could say that the senior management of the organisation is the government, the staff departments the ministries and the employees the population makes the WoCo the parliament of this society: it is the body that checks, monitors and influences the policies.

EvMa Management

Not to evolve as an organisation is not an option and not possible. If you don't choose to change the market or society will make you change. That is why it is better to have your vision in order to direct the changes in the desired directions.

Evolving Matters and its extensive network have many years of experience in management for several companies. We put these experiences to your service in a practical and pragmatic way.

Your case could be a specific project, an undesired development crossing your path or ambitions you might have for changes in the company.


We are happy to see that many organisations are deliberately working on the further professionalising of the staff. Often enough unfortunately we encounter that organising such programmes and specifically finding the ideal supplier and managing the educational project is much time and therefore money consuming. The return on investment will be affected by this of course.

With our many years of experience and comprehensive network we are able to aid this process in all possible ways. To mention a few examples:


We advise the crucial actors involved in creating, changing and implementing of company policies. We do this practical, pragmatically and result driven.

To give examples of our extensive experiences and with which we can provide services for:


Per stakeholder: